Buy a new Westfalia Ford Nugget safe and secure at MyNugget.eu. The vehicle has a standard two-year warranty with no mileage limitation by Ford and Westfalia. This warranty is valid at your local Ford or Westfalia garage. The warranty
consist two parts.

You can extend the car warranty at Ford with the different warranty packages.

Ford Warranty Extend packages 
Ford Protect Warranty 5 Jaar – 50K €360,00
5 Jaar – 75k €420,00
5 Jaar – 100k €480,00
6 Jaar – 60k €420,00
6 Jaar – 90k €480,00
6 Jaar – 120k €540,00
7 Jaar – 70k €480,00
7 Jaar – 105k €540,00
7 Jaar – 140k €600,00


Under the EU-legislation you can get warranty to any company that is part of the dealership of Ford/ Westfalia, regardless of the EU Country (also including Norway, Cyprus and Iceland). So if you purchase a car at MyNugget.eu and go home to your country, you can (under warranty) go to any official dealer to repair your Nugget. You don’t have to come back to the Netherlands if you don’t live here.

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